Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Pattern Revenue to go to

I have finished reading the book by Rich Stearns, The Hole in our Gospel. It has been a long time since I have been moved to get off my backside and do something to change a little corner of the world. As a result of a Guideposts article, hearing Rich speak in person, adopting a little girl from Guana and reading this book, I have made the following decisions:
1. All proceeds (yes, proceeds, not profits) received by Anything But Boring for the new pattern Kit 'n Kaboodle, available at Spring Market in Salt Lake City, Utah in May 2011 will be donated to to help provide clean drinking water to communities who do not have it.
2. Even though I tithe my income from my business (that is 10%), I commit to additionally donate equal amounts that I spend on my annual pet care, which is a luxury item in this country. This is usually around $600.00 a year, including food, vet visits and flea treatments and heart worm pills.
3. I also commit to donate equal amounts that I spend on my hair cuts and color, as well as cosmetics and skin care. This should amount to about $600.00 a year, as these things are also luxuries.

It is very easy to sit in my deeply cushioned office chair, typing on my state of the art iMac in temperature regulated air listening to the birds sing outside and think, "What good can I do?" Instead I choose to do what I can, and pray for wisdom and guidance to be able to do more.

If you would like to "do" something too, here are some suggestions taken from the end of the aforementioned book:
1. Buy a world map. Use push pins to mark crisis and pray for those affected.
2. Tune into poverty. Podcasts are available at
3. Sponsor a child. Go to or do a search for "sponsor a child".
4. Form friendships. Many world cultures are just a neighborhood away in many cites now. Visit ethnic churches in your area to get to know people from other places.
5. Watch a movie. Films are a powerful and influential medium in our culture. Watch movies such as Blood Diamond to learn about child soldiers and the diamond trade; Hotel Rwanda to see courage in the face of genocide;, or Slumdog Millionaire to understand the plight of street children in India. Discussing the movies with others afterward enhances the experience. Go to for a list of other thought-provoking films.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh the threads!!!

I was cleaning my sewing room today getting ready to leave town for a 5 day Color Class with Hollis Chatelain. My friend Mary C. is going to use my machine to quilt on a great new quilt which will be in my pattern line soon. As I was sweeping I noticed some thread hanging out of the bottom of my sewing chair's casters. I decided to pull them out. As they kept coming out I decided to turn the chair upside down and work on all 4 casters. Oh my!! What a mess! I am sure I have pulled threads out before, but never have I put it upside down to work on it. I am shocked at how much came out of the 4 wheel casters! I thought I would take a photo and share it with you, because I am sure you wouldn't believe it either!

The bad news is that some of the threads are still stuck in all 4 wheels and I took a photo of that too. I removed all I could using a pair of jeweler's tweezers.

All of my machines are mechanical and require oil to run safely and smoothly. I am diligent about keeping them in good repair. Not my chair though! You better believe I will be careful of the "stuff" that ends up on the floor, as the wheels pick it up like a vacuum!