Monday, November 23, 2009


Is it time for spring cleaning? Wait! No, it is November! But it sure feels like spring around my house!

Next week I have a professional organizer coming over to help me "re-do" my master bedroom closet. It seems like I have had to rearrange every closet in the house to be able to declutter and get ready for the big day.

Since I am having my grown children in for Thanksgiving, I gave my work room a make over this week. (One of them will be on the floor with a blow up bed, and there was not enough floor!)

I have posted a photo to show you the new look. I know some of you won't even recognize it is my house, but it is!

I stayed with the black and white theme I used at market. I think it works well. The heavy duty shelving unit came from Lowe's. It is 74 inches high and 48 inches wide and the five shelves are adjustable every inch. The boxes are decorative banker boxes from Target.