Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making a Fishing Rod Cover

Making quilts often leaves me with long scraps of fabric and batting. My middle son (John age 30) asked me to make my oldest son (Gerald age 32) a fishing rod cover for the new pole John made for him. He showed me a purchased cover that was neither long enough or large enough to fit over the eyes of the rod. The purchased rod holder was black and was bound with black fabric. I had some beige fabric that looked a little like fish scales that was left from the back of a quilt. I never throw big scraps like that away. I measured the rod length (it comes in two pieces, so the longer of the two was 58 inches.) and the width. Since I had four pieces the size I needed, I chose to do what any quilter would.....make a quilted holder instead of a plain fabric one. This rod will be shipped to Seattle, WA, which is about 3000 miles cross country, so I figured a little extra padding would be a good thing.

I layered the long pieces and long scraps of batting and quilted them.

Next, I cut it into two long pieces and layered them so binding could be added. Lastly I added tie straps and fold over top, and a seam down the middle to separate the two pieces of the rod.

These photos are of the beautiful rod my son John made. If you have a fisherman/woman in your list of friends, they may want to see these photos. Yes, that is copperhead snake skin on the rod! Gerald was an avid snake lover and caught a copperhead one day before school. He was holding it when I opened the front door and almost had a heart attack!
John finished the bottom with a 1978 penny, the year Gerald was born. He has not seen it yet, but I know he will love all the detail and work John put into it.

Here is the rod cover finished with binding and
cording to tie it together.