Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Products for Sewers and Quilters

It is such fun to try new products on the market for sewing and quilting. I found a product worth talking about at Spring Market. It is a foam product with fabric on both sides that will substitute for batting or fusible fleece in any of my patterns. I have found it especially useful for the front and back of the Two Hour Tulip Purse, as well as the Traveler's Tote. If you have not seen this product, be sure to look for it. The brand is Soft and Stable by It is easy to sew in place rather than iron on and has the advantage of maintaining its shape after fusible fleece goes limp with lots of use. I made a purse in early June and have carried it continuously and it still looks brand new....and it is not even batik. I think it gives a very professional finish to the bag. I also tried one on the Kit 'n Kaboodle bag....and though it was a little big to be wrestling it to quilt it, it turned out looking spectacular.   A competing product has also hit the market called Inn Control, which has a "plus" version that is iron on. I have not tried the iron on yet, but will as soon as I find it.  Both products come by the 1/2 yard, yard, and 2 yard cuts, 58 inches wide prepackaged. It also comes by the roll, but I have not found anyone stocking it that way yet. Be sure to try this foam based product in your next purse or bag....I would love to hear what you think.